Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Is There Nothing Good On After SNL? NBC LISTEN TO ME!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why the Flip Ultra HD is better than the Kodak Zi6!

So I have been playing around with the Flip Ultra Hd that I won from and it is soooo much better than the Kodak Zi6. Why you say? Well they are both 720p pocket cams so they should be the same. NOT! The Kodak Zi6 has an issue with the frames being dropped like crazy, the low light on the thing is horrible and going from a brightly light scene to a sorta dark scene give you the worst motion blue ever. The Ultra HD doesn't have these issues. In fact the Ultra HD works really really well in low light. Its really insane when you compare them side by side.

WAIT, you thought this was just a blog about slamming the Kodak Zi6? No! It actually has some quality's that should be on the Flip Ultra HD. One being the Macro mode. That is the best feature EVER!!! Say you want to shoot some text, the Flip wont focus at all on the text. When you put the Kodak Zi6 into Macro, it looks AWESOME! Also on the Zi6 there is a few different settings. You have HD at 720p 30FPS or 60FPS(Makes slow motion looks really really good!!) and it has a standard setting for regular 640x480 VGA..Good for people with slow computers or people just shooting for a quick upload. It also has a camera mode that is like a cell phone camera. If you have ever used a cell phone camera you will know that it is really hard to get a good picture if something is moving because of no flash. Sadly this doesn't have a flash.

But all in all they are both great camera's I just personally think the Ultra HD is a better choice for me!!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

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